Coming Soon, the Publishers Assistant is a place where:

Unpublished Authors can showcase their work for FREE in order to gain unbiased, constructive feedback and ratings. This can then be used to assist them in improving or polishing their manuscript(s), build a following, and attract the attention of publishers with the view to achieving a publishing deal.

Readers can access a wide range of books from aspiring authors, covering a range of genres, for just £1/month. They also have the satisfaction of being able to rate these books and provide constructive feedback about them, so that they are helping the writers to perfect their work and achieve their dream of seeing their book go to print.

Publishers can peruse new writer’s work at their convenience and at NO COST. They can filter their selections in a variety of ways and can view unbiased feedback and ratings of the books available, which will assist them in discovering potential new bestsellers. It is essentially free market research.

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