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About the founder…

I am a writer and I work in publishing. I look at new authors and I am very much aware of the mountains there are to climb. We still need to research, learn and develop – the onus is on the writer for that. But I just wanted to find a way to give unpublished authors a chance: Perhaps make the mountain a softer ascent. And I hope that for some of them, The Publishers Assistant might be it.

I suspect having no idea where to start and feeling overwhelmed are common experiences for most aspiring authors. And I don’t just mean where to start with writing the book, but where to go once you’ve done it. That alone is a mountain of work. When it comes down to it, we can read endless articles and join groups and take part in retreats: These are all very valuable and I encourage you to do as much as you personally can. But what everyone really wants to know is, ‘How can I get my book published?’

Aside from reviews, when you talk to authors and publishers, two things are standing out:

The first is shelf space: There’s less and less on the High Street. To gain it, you need to find a way to stand out.

The second is the controversial topic of self-publishing. It seems straightforward and you can get your work online in virtually no time at all! And you do not (and often should not, so be warned), have to necessarily spend a lot of money. People have all sorts of reasons why they self-publish. Some are not successful, but many are! You would need to look at precisely what you want to achieve and make an informed decision. If you are considering self-publishing, The Publishers Assistant is for you, too.


Let The Publisher’s Assistant help you polish your manuscript and create a bank of ratings and reviews to sell to your to readers and publishers.